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Corporate Culture

Corporate Cultural Orientation
“Power culture” is CR Power’s special corporate cultural orientation, as well as its unique character, style and image tag. “Power” is consistent with the “Power” in CR Power’s English name. Its “power culture” mainly contains the three connotations below: First, providing social life and economic development with inexhaustible power, through its high-quality products and services. Second, providing the enterprise with inexhaustible power for sustainable and healthy development, through efficient operation and management. Third, providing all the company’s employees with inexhaustible power for career development, through outstanding team building.

Core Idea
CR Power’s core idea consists of five elements: mission, vision, values, development ideas and corporate spirit. It is the overall guide for CR Power’s long-term development.

Lead industrial development and offer power for life.

Become an international comprehensive energy service provider, trusted and preferred by customers.

Integrity, performance-driven, people-oriented and innovative development

Development Ideas
Being practical, stronger, greater, better and permanent

Corporate Spirit
Practical, professional, cooperative and dedicated

Basic Guidelines
These are the general principles for operation and management of CR Power.

Operation Guidelines
Value-oriented, cost leadership and win-win cooperation

Value-oriented: This emphasizes using mid-term and long-term performance and values as the measurement standard for market expansion and customer selection.

Cost leadership: This emphasizes eliminating all unnecessary costs in the entire value chain involving project development, construction and operation etc.

Win-win cooperation: This emphasizes living in amity and cooperating with its partners, and having win-win strategic relations with them.

Management Guidelines
Proper distribution of post-responsibility, standard & lean, and safe & efficient

Implementation principles
These are the specific principles for the operation and management of CR Power

Concept for customer service
Respond quickly, understand a customer’s needs accurately, serve customers warmly and satisfy customers greatly (“4-degree” service principles)

Concept for HR management
Respect people’s personalities, refine people’s minds, give play to people’s expertise, tap into people’s potential, pay attention to people’s needs and realize their values (“6-person” power principles)

Concept for EHS management
Strict standards, rigorous operation and strict control
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